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About Us

The Oregon State University Research Collective for Applied Acoustics (ORCAA) is a bioacoustics laboratory headed by Dr. Holger Klinck, and is located at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, OR. The goal of ORCAA is to develop and implement cutting edge acoustic technologies necessary for researchers to answer questions relating to marine and terrestrial ecology, with a particular emphasis on understanding and limiting the potential negative impacts of anthropogenic noise on ecosystems.

Broadly, our research falls under three general topics: technology, ecology, and noise. We engineer hardware and software for use in passive acoustic monitoring worldwide, and collaborate with researchers across the globe to meet the growing need for ecosystem specific technologies. Portions of our lab are dedicated to technology development, testing, and deployment, while additional species-specific research is underway that uses these technologies to answer questions about species distribution, behavior, and resilience to changing environments.