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Naysa Balcazar Cabrera Visiting Graduate Student

Marine mammal spatial ecology and behavior. Baleen whale acoustics behavioral ecology and using Passive Acoustics Monitoring (PAM) as a tool to aid in marine mammal conservation and management.

David Culp Undergraduate Student
Niki Diogou Visiting Graduate Student

Spatial ecology, cetacean-habitat modeling, Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM), seasonal distribution, sperm whales.

Ciera Edison Undergraduate Student
Michelle Fournet Graduate Research Assistant

Field studies in acoustic communication of marine mammals, humpback whale non-song vocal behavior, concomitant visual/acoustic data collection, public outreach and engagement.

Selene Fregosi Graduate Research Assistant

novel acoustic technologies, passive acoustic monitoring, acoustic tags, mobile autonomous platforms

Samara Haver Graduate Research Assistant

Long-term passive acoustic data-collection and monitoring (PAM), soundscape ecology.

Amanda Holdman Graduate Research Assistant

Visual and acoustic data collection in Oregon's near-shore ocean, impacts of anthropogenic noise.

Liz Marquez Undergraduate Student
Danielle Nelson Graduate Research Assistant

Terrestrial field studies of soundscape ecology, Pacific chorus frogs.