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Niki Diogou

Ph.D. Student, Visiting Graduate Research Scholar
(541) 270-4129


Spatial ecology, cetacean-habitat modeling, Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM), seasonal distribution, sperm whales.


2007: MSc in Oceanography, University of Athens, Greece
2004: Socrates/Erasmus in Biology, University of Barcelona, Spain
2004: BSc in Environmental Studies, University of Aegean, Greece


Spatial ecology is my main research interest and passive acoustic monitoring is a powerful tool to study the distribution and abundance of cetaceans. My research involves the analysis of long-term acoustic data sets, to acquire information on the seasonal distribution and abundance of delphinids and sperm whales in the Gulf of Alaska, and the Greek Seas. One of my major goals is to correlate these patterns with oceanographic/environmental parameters to develop predictive models. My research is motivated by problems occurring to marine organisms, and cetaceans in particular, from noise, and the impact of various oceanographic or anthropogenic parameters on the distribution, communication, and their behavior. 


Student member of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA), the American Cetacean Society (ACS) Oregon Chapter, and the European Cetacean Society, International Sea Turtle Society.

Personal interest

The sea, the sun, travel, music, tennis, modern dance


Athens, Greece


Odontocete Detection in the Gulf of Alaska

Acoustic Detections of Odontocetes in the Hellenic Seas