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Journal Article

Book Chapter

H. Klinck, Fregosi, S., Matsumoto, H., Turpin, A., Mellinger, D. K., Erofeev, A., Barth, J. A., R. Shearman, K., Jafarmadar, K., and Stelzer, R., Mobile Autonomous Platforms for Passive-Acoustic Monitoring of High-frequency Cetaceans, in Robotic Sailing 2015: Proceedings of the 8th International Robotic Sailing Conference, A. Friebe and Haug, F. Cham: Springer International Publishing, 2016, pp. 29 - 37.

Conference Paper

H. Klinck, Stelzer, K., Jafarmadar, K., and Mellinger, D. K., AAS Endurance: An Autonomous acoustic sailboat for marine mammal research, in Proceedings of the International Robotic Sailing Conference (IRSC), Matosinhos, Portugal, July 2009, 2009.
O. Boebel, Klinck, H., Kindermann, L., and Naggar, S. El Dine El, PALAOA: Broadband recordings of the Antarctic coastal soundscape, in The Effects of Noise to Aquatic Life, 13 August to 17 August 2007, Nyborg, Denmark., 2007.